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How to Decorate Your Bathroom to Compliment Your Granite Tile Flooring

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Experts say that if you want to increase the value of your home, or increase the level of enjoyment you get from your home, you should renovate your bathroom. These types of renovations can be stressful, but make a huge impact on your home when completed. Homeowners love the feeling they get when they enter a freshly renovated bathroom. If you have plans to sell your home in the future, renovating your bathroom is your first step to raising the value of your home.

Granite flooring is your best choice for bathroom flooring that lasts. It is extremely durable and resistant to heat, scratches, and dents. In addition, it is incredibly easy to clean and maintain, requiring nothing more than warm soapy water every so often. Flooring like this deserves to stand out, especially if you have recently renovated your bathroom. If you have recently installed granite tiles, consider the following decorating tips to help them stand out.

Tip #1: Start with the Fixtures

When renovating a bathroom, make sure you select your new fixtures before you start searching for smaller element such as towels or a soap dish. The type of fixtures you need depends on the extent of your renovation. Experts recommend that you upgrade everything in your bathroom at once, to prevent one element form looking dated. This means investing in a new sink, toilet, and tub or shower enclosure. You also need to pick out new faucets for your sink and tub.

As you shop around, look for ones that contrast with the color of your floor. For example, if you selected a dark black or grey granite, consider choosing a white sink, toilet, and shower enclosure with brushed metal faucets. This contrast makes a stunning impression when a person enters your bathroom.

Tip #2: Make Sure Your Accessories Compliment Your Flooring, Fixtures, and Faucets

It is also important to be sure that the accessories, such as the towels, soap dishes, and towel racks you choose compliment the other items in your bathroom. Having one solid color running throughout the room is a poor decision. It can make the bathroom appear drab, boring, or clinical depending on the one shade selected. On the other hand, too many contrasting colors and patterns can also ruin the aesthetic of a recently renovated bathroom.

Instead of looking for accessories that are trendy or that are an exact match to your flooring, find ones in complimenting shades. For example, grey or soft green towels look amazing with black flooring and white fixtures. Make sure that the shades you choose work well with the fixtures, faucets, and flooring. Consider bringing a flooring sample with you when you shop to be sure that the colors complement each other.

Tip #3: Shop with Your Heart

Above all else, make sure you buy the items you love the most. There is no sense in buying a practical grey bathmat if you had your heart set on a more colorful option. While you should strive for coordination, there is nothing wrong with having one accent or statement piece in your bathroom. In fact, it can add a lot of character and a bit of charm to your newly renovated space.

Granite tile flooring is a great way to bring a rich and elegant look to your bathroom without resorting to fragile or hard-to-clean flooring options. Keeping the decorating tips above in mind can help you choose accessories and fixtures that highlight the natural beauty of your granite tiles. It is a great way to make the most out of your bathroom, helping you enjoy your home more when you live there and helping to add value in the event you plan to sell.