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How to Pick the Right Color Engineered Quartz Counter for Your Bathroom

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Renovating your bathroom gives you a chance at creating a paradise in your own home. You can put together colors, textures, and materials that bring you peace. At first glance, there seem to be an overwhelming number of decisions that need to be made, making it hard to envision the completed project as a peaceful oasis. However, selecting a few key elements first can help everything else fall into place. Selecting your bathroom counter first can help you make other décor decisions, such as those regarding accessories and fixtures.

Engineered quartz is an excellent choice for your bathroom counter, or even your shower backsplash. It is a stunning material that lasts for decades. Engineered quartz is also stain-resistant, heat-resistant, and easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for everyone from busy professionals to young families. There are a ton of options to choose from when selecting the color of your new bathroom counter. Take a look at the tips below to help make your decision easier.

Existing Colors

If you are not renovating your entire bathroom, but are just replacing your counter, take the time to consider the existing shades. Having bright and fun accent objects can be a fun way to insert a bit of personality into your home décor. However, it is important not to go overboard. As such, you should be sure you pick a counter that compliments your flooring and paint. You do not necessarily have to choose a counter that matches exactly, but one that is in a complimentary color can bring a lot of beauty to the room.

You should also examine the walls. Are they a solid shade? Or do you have intricate wallpaper with patterns or designs? If your walls are solid shades, you can get away with a counter that has a bit of a pattern or design to it. Muted engineered quartz in a solid shade is a better choice for bathrooms that have detailed wallpaper.

Think Ahead

Engineered quartz is an incredibly durable product. This means your countertop should last for decades, potentially longer. As a result, it may outlive your existing design preferences and trends in home décor. Make sure you select a countertop that has a color and pattern you can live with for years to come. If possible, look for one that works with multiple other décor options to maximize your future design choices.

Always Bring Samples

Whenever you go shopping for any part of any renovation, bring samples with you. Shopping for a new bathroom countertop is no different. To be sure you find one in the right shade, bring samples of other elements in your bathroom with you. For example, bring a tile sample and paint chips with you to be sure the counter does not contrast with those items. You should also complete this exercise in the reverse: bringing home samples of countertops with you. Bringing your own samples with you reduces the time you spend looking at color choices only to discount the ones that do not work. When you bring a sample home, you can see how the counter looks in your bathroom lighting. This ensures you find a countertop you can be happy with for years to come.

When picking out a material for your new bathroom counter, you cannot go wrong with engineered quartz. It is a beautiful material that also happens to be incredibly resilient and easy to keep clean. Basically, it is every homeowner’s dream. Since engineered quartz lasts for so long, it is important to select the right color for your bathroom. The tips above can help make this decision much easier, ensuring you find the perfect counter you can love for years to come.